Recent studies regarding offshore outsourcing have brought several important discoveries to light. Nearly 6 in 10 (59 percent) of companies using offshore outsourcing cited management challenges as the top reason they wouldn't do it again. One third (30 percent) said that their costs savings were never realized and 23 percent said that the quality of work wasn't good enough. Before you lock into a commitment with an offshore entity only to find that the savings have disappeared or in a worst case scenario have increased consult with us.

Cost of Data Errors:  Failure to detect errors is even more costly. Erroneous part numbers result in shipping the wrong product. Incorrect customer numbers lead to all sorts of unpleasant and expensive problems. Invalid quantities and amounts also cost the company far more than the cost of the data input.


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Did you know? 90 percent:   of data quality issues can be addressed at the source, and only 10 percent further downstream. Address data quality at the source. More >>>