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#300   The Ten Commandments: A review of each of the Ten Commandments and how they apply to daily life.
#301   Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage: Church teaching on annulments.
#302   Catholics and Capital Punishment : A complete and helpful review of the Church's teaching on capital punishment.
#303   All About Angels: The Scriptural basis and Catholic theology regarding angels.
#304   Lord, Teach Us To Pray: The what, why and how of prayer.
#306   Is There a God?: Reason, unaided by revelation, can bring us to some knowledge about God.
#307   First Steps on the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux: A Doctor of the Church, Theresa offers her "little way" to teach ordinary people the extraordinary truth of God's mercy in ways that help us pray better.
#308   A Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation. This booklet explores the Church's teaching on Marriage and offers reasons why cohabitation is neither a healthy nor a spirituality right way to live.
#309   Prayer Time: A collection of devotional prayers for families and individuals.
#310   Letter to Families: Pope John Paul II's 1994 letter, addressed to each family, on the mystery and vocation of Christian family life.
#311   Dating: A Practical Catholic Guide. In this booklet, Dr. Jason King shows how Catholic principles inform dating relationships and outlines the goals and motivations for morally good, healthy, and mutually beneficial dating.
#313   About the Bible: The setting and formation of the Scriptural texts, their message and the relation of Scripture to the Church.
#314   Catholic Sexual Ethics: Catholic Sexual Ethics: The beauty and proper use of sex, respecting its nature as given by God.
#315   The Good Life, God's Way: An Introduction to the Good Life for Catholics: The Cardinal virtues of prudence (wisdom), justice, fortitude (Courage), and temperance are the ground of moral decisions well made.
#317   What Catholics Should Know About Islam: This booklet gives non-Muslims a basic overview of the origins and early history of Islam, as well as some of the central beliefs and practices of Muslims
#318   The Family in the Modern World: Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Exhortation on the role of the Christian Family in the Modern World.
#319   A Scriptural Rosary for Peace and for the Family: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries: Verses from the Bible to guide meditation on the twenty Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary.
#320   The Holy Eucharist: The author explains how Catholics know that Christ is substantially present in the Holy Eucharist and how this saving action of Jesus Christ becomes effective for us in our own time and place.
#321   Some Lessons From Genesis: Such themes as Biblical inspiration, reason and revelation, science and Scripture, sin.
#322   Becoming A Real Man of God. The author discusses the challenges of forming Christian men today.
#324   Mary, the Mother of God: Mary as mother of God; her Immaculate Conception, perpetual virginity and Assumption.
#325   Coping With A Suicide - This booklet outlines the Catholic teaching on suicide and addresses some very common questions concerning suicide.
#326    Understanding Stem Cell Research Controversy and Promise. The objective of this booklet is to outline the reasons for hope and promise in the adult stem cell research (it is pro-patient & morally acceptable) and the reasons of great concern, indeed, the immorality of human embryonic stem cell research.
#327   Saint Benedict for Busy Parents: This booklet introduces the reader to St. Benedict, his Rule and his spirituality with the aim of providing a means for spiritual advancement amid the bustle of family life.
#328   Saint Joseph: Our Father in Faith. This booklet discusses St. Joseph as a “man of faith” and “the just man,” providing a timely reflection on St. Joseph as a model for all Christians.
#330   The Child: Begotten Not Manmade This booklet outlines the Catholic teachings on infertility and the grave moral problems with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
#331   Facing Relativism and the Challenge of Truth: This booklet provides a philosophical introduction to the problem of relativism, its influence in our modern societies and its influence on the culture of death.
#332   Risk of Faith. This booklet explores the “adventure of Faith” and the response of “radical discipleship” through an examination of the teachings of Msgr. Liugi Giussani the founder of the ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation.
#333   God's Plan for Love and Marriage: This booklet provides an introduction to some of the key concepts of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, as well as reflection questions and recommendations for further reading.
#334   Men and Abortion: Finding Healing, Restoring Hope: This booklet takes up a relatively new area of research and pastoral concern and outreach: the effects of abortion on fathers.
#335   The Early Church - This booklet examines some core Catholic doctrines through the lens of several important Patristic writers in order to demonstrate the continuity of Catholic belief from the period of the early Church to today.
#336   The Eucharist: Sacrament and Sacrifice - This booklet examines the sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist under the dimensions of sacrifice, communion and eschatology, as well as offering a brief comparison of the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the celebration of the Holy Mass.
#338   Do No Harm: A Guide to Human Dignity and Morally Sound End-of-Life Care - This booklet examines the doctrine of intrinsic human dignity and some key Catholic moral decision-making principles as applied to end-of-life care. It also provides practical advice regarding the crafting of Advance Medical Directives and the naming of Healthcare Proxy Decision Makers.
#339   Freedom to Flourish: A Catholic Analysis of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide and Euthanasia - This booklet explores the Catholic teaching on the intrinsic dignity of each human being and the threat to true freedom posed by advocates of physician-proscribed suicide and euthanasia.
#341   The Message of Our Lady of Fatima: Understanding the apparitions and message of Our Lady given in 1917.
#342   The Eastern Christians and Their Churches: Identifies the Eastern Churches (Catholic and Orthodox) with their liturgical origins and traditions; suggests how to deepen relations with them.
#348   God's Story of Creation: An explanation of Genesis 1-2.
#351   Revelation: A Divine Message of Hope: The book of Reveleation (Apocalypse), filled with images of beasts, horns, eyes and monsters -- often misunderstood and misused -- is thoroughly explained by an eminent Scripture scholar.
#358   Christ: Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ is true God and true Man. Includes: Who is Jesus Christ? How do we know about Him? How can we meet Him?
#360   The Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to St. Thomas Aquinas: The Holy Spirit works to make us more responsive to the impulses of God's grace. Includes a discussion of the Gifts in the life of the Virgin Mary.
#363   The Way of the Cross: Traditional and modern meditations of the Stations of the Cross.
#364   Armed with the Faith: A Catholic Handbook for Military Personnel: A valuable resource of prayers and moral teaching that nourishes faith and helps to form conscience.Temporarily out of stock!
#371   Catholic Word Book: Hundreds of definitions of Catholic terms -- all the way from Abbey to Zucchetto.
#385   Same Sex Attraction: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice - Basic notions on the psychology and morality of same-sex attraction. The author offers a spiritual plan for those who deal with same-sex attraction and wish to live chastely. Temporarily out of stock!
#390   Questions/Answers: 101 questions / answers concerning Christian doctrine and practice.
#4752   The Woman Who Changed the Face of a Hemisphere: An overview of the Marian apparitions to St. Juan Diego in Mexico, 1531.
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