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If you are searching for God and the meaning of life, or would like to strengthen your faith, the Knights of Columbus offers for home study a series of 30 booklets, the Luke E. Hart Series, providing a comprehensive and basic overview of Catholic belief and practice.

Each of the 30 booklets offers a colloquial and contemporary expression of the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The series follows the basic teaching of the Catechism, and seeks to make its contents more accessible, not to substitute for it. The booklets are at times poetic, colloquial, playful, and imaginative; at all times, they are faithful to the Faith.

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We offer reduced rates for those ordering more than 100 booklets. We send our booklets free of charge to chaplains of veterans' hospitals, military installations of all branches, correctional facilities and to missionaries working in developing countries.
Part I: What Catholics Believe (Theology)
#101   Faith: Explains the need for a firm and enriching belief in God and His empowering role in the life of every person. Faith conquers death, overcomes fears, empowers the Church, and leads us along the path to holiness.
#102   God: Describes the full essence of our Creator [nature, attributes, transcendence, etc.] and how believers come to know Him through Divine Revelation, Tradition, Scripture, and prayer.
#103   Creation: Explains the meaning and consequences of the doctrine of Creation - the entire universe was made by a single, all-powerful God. Also reflects upon providence, angels, and the connection of humanity to evolution and the act of Creation.
#104   The Human Person: Explains the inherent dignity of each person, created in God?s image, and the role of Jesus as God among us. Also describes the morality of the human body and relationships, as well as the way in which our body relates to our soul.
#105   Jesus Christ: Explains the centrality of Jesus to our faith and salvation history. Describes the nature and status of Christ and reviews his life, ministry, death, resurrection, and second coming.
#106   The Holy Spirit: Explains how closeness with the Holy Spirit is necessary for sharing in the life of God. Describes the connection between the working of the Holy Spirit and prayer, scripture, the sacraments, the saints, and ultimately all the faithful.
#107   The Holy Catholic Church: Explains the absolute unity of Jesus Christ with His Church. He founded the Church and validates Her authority. Describes the qualities, nature, and structure of the Church and Her role in the pursuit of salvation.
#108   The Forgiveness of Sins: Reviews the importance of sharing the gift of forgiveness, and how that act must always be centered on the love of Christ. Also explains the meaning and implications of sin and the reality of God?s forgiveness.
#109   The Resurrection of the Body: Explains the Catholic perspective of death. Christ transforms that experience by linking it to himself through his resurrection, or rising from the dead. Describes the beauty and power of Christ?s conquering of sin and death on our behalf.
#110   The Life Everlasting: Explains the elements of the Catholic belief in eternal life through Christ. Also describes the realities of heaven, hell, and purgatory.
Part II: How Catholics Pray (Worship)
#111   Introduction to Catholic Liturgy: Explains the meaning of liturgy: the activities done by God?s grace in Christ. Describes the elements of the liturgy and its place throughout the history of the Church.
#112   Introduction to the Sacraments: Explains the meaning and purposes of sacraments, through the context of Christ?s presence. Describes the seven sacraments as well as related guidelines.
#113   Baptism and Confirmation: Explains how Baptism initiates the faithful into the Church, allowing us to be freed from sin and reborn into the family of Christ. Also describes the gifts of the Holy Spirit received through Confirmation, and its special identity as the completion of Baptism.
#114   The Eucharist: Explains the centrality and great importance of the Eucharist in the life of the baptized. Also describes the proper method of worship of the Eucharist.
#115   Penance: Explains the dimensions and effects of sin and the need for sacramental reconciliation. Also describes how to make one?s confession.
#116   Matrimony: Explains the societal context of marriage and the unique perspective of the Church, which places Christ at its center. Also reviews the ceremony.
#117   Holy Orders and the Anointing of the Sick: Explains the nature and purpose of Holy Orders and each of its three components - bishop, priest and deacon. Also connects the ordained priesthood to the Anointing of the Sick, as it relates to the larger healing ministry of the Church.
#118   Prayer: Explains the many forms of communication with God, and its necessity in the life of a Catholic. Also identifies some common misconceptions about prayer.
#119   The Lord's Prayer: A methodical review and analysis of each part of this "perfect prayer", which was given to all the faithful by Jesus Christ himself.
#120   Mary: Explains the exalted role within the Church of Mary the mother of Jesus and thus the mother of God. Also reviews some of her many titles that express her exemplary faith.
Part III: How Catholics Live (Morality)
#121   The Essence of Catholic Morality: Explains Christ?s role in living according to a moral life. Describes the great need for a strong morality today, and some practical consequences.
#122   Human Nature as the Basis for Morality: Discusses natural law and human destiny. Also reviews concepts such as conscience, free will, love, emotions, and legal freedom.
#123   Some Fundamental Principles of Catholic Morality: Explains the source of the morality of human actions, three universal moral rules, and the function of our conscience.
#124   Virtues and Vices: Explains each of the four cardinal virtues and three theological virtues. Also reviews the Beatitudes, and the nature of sin.
#125   The First Three Commandments: Duties to God: Gives an overview of the Ten Commandments, including their origin and unity. Analyzes in detail the first three commandments.
#126   The Fourth Commandment: Family and Social Morality: Discusses the beauty and role of the family, its relationship to matters of morality, religion, and the state. Also describes the basis for human dignity and the duties of nations and their citizens.
#127   The Fifth Commandment: Moral Issues of Life and Death: Affirms the sanctity of human life and sinful acts that attack it, including abortion, euthanasia, and suicide. Also reviews the principles of the just war theory.
#128   The Sixth and Ninth Commandments: Sexual Morality: Affirms the need for a strong moral code in matters of human sexuality. Examines the connection between human sexuality and our relationship to God. Discusses chastity and how men and women at times undermine that virtue.
#129   The Seventh and Tenth Commandments: Economic and Political Morality: Discusses the role of the Church in matters of politics and government. Also reviews issues such as personal property, detachment from riches, and labor-based economics.

#130   The Eighth Commandment: Truth: Explains the meaning and importance of truth, as rooted in Sacred Scripture. Also discusses censorship, the media, art, and natural beauty.
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