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According to comScore's Video Metrix Web tracking service, Americans viewed almost 11.5 billion videos on the Internet in March 2008, a jump of 64 percent from a year ago.

Over the past couple of years video applications have grown in importance for website owners, whether for campaigning or promotional activities. According to research from Hitwise, one in every 45 visits to the Internet is to view video content, with the number of Internet users who view online videos expected to grow to more than one billion by 2013. Online video is increasing in popularity because it harnesses the power of TV at a fraction of the cost. From videos to webinars, product demonstrations to a message from the CEO, more and more companies are using internet video to get their message across.

Approximately 248,241,969 million Americans or 73.6 % have Internet access at home or work. One hundred sixteen million unique viewers viewed 7.5 billion video streams in May of 08 alone. Nearly 91 million Americans, 36% of all mobile phone subscribers in the U.S, owned a video-capable phone. Videos have the advantage of engaging the viewer, offering them a more interesting experience and encouraging them to stay longer.


Real Estate - The biggest virtual tour advancement over the past two years has been the growing popularity of video tours. Video is great for conveying the look and feel of a house, the flow from room to room, and the visual appeal of selling points..

5 Ways to Use Video
  • 1. E-mail. In e-mail responses to prospects, embed a link to a video that showcases a listing or you and your services.
  • 2. Tours and testimonials. Highlight a home's location, view, layout, and charm. Testimonials from happy clients say more about your service than mere text quotes.
  • 3. Community showcase. Establish your local expertise with clips about the area, its landmarks, and events.
  • 4. Presentations. During listing appointments, demonstrate to potential clients how you use video in your marketing campaign.
  • 5. Handouts. Offer mini CDs and DVDs with a video tour of a property, testimonials, and a description of your services.

Company videos -
  • Broadcast live or recorded presentations and announcements to viewers in multiple locations
  • Deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations and franchises
  • Record and store any meeting or event for later use/access
  • Provide corporate training for employees in multiple office locations and franchises
  • Conduct sales presentations from anywhere in the world
  • Create and manage corporate knowledge center
  • Monitor corporate properties and assets in real time
Video Welcome and Introductions -
  • Video welcome and introductions that offer a personal touch
Marketing Campaigns -
  • directly communicating your message to the eyes, ears, and interactive fingertips of your target markets.
  • Promotional Media
Company Products and Services -
  • Video catalogues of products and services
  • A company overview
  • Training videos
  • Confferances
Video Tours -
  • Video Tours of property, homes, corporate offices, facilities, and structures provide viewers with a professionally produced, instantaneous look at available real estate.

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