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How can real estate professionals use video in their marketing?

  • Google Maps, embed video that showcases a listing or you and your services. Add links to your web site or more information about the property.
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  • E-mail. In e-mail responses to prospects, embed a link to a video that showcases a listing or you and your services.
  • Tours and testimonials. Highlight a home's location, view, layout, and charm. Testimonials from happy clients say more about your service than mere text quotes.
  • Community showcase. Establish your local expertise with clips about the area, its landmarks, and events.
  • Presentations. During listing appointments, demonstrate to potential clients how you use video in your marketing campaign.
  • Handouts. Offer mini CDs and DVDs with a video tour of a property, testimonials, and a description of your services.
  • Allow home buyers to see several properties in advance of their scheduled appointment. This provides them with the ability to weed out homes in which they are not interested and increase your productivity.
  • Show several videos on a flat screen television in the lobby of your office to attract attention and create a more professional environment.
  • Earn additional business from other homeowners near your listed properties by advertising the fact that you offer video tours to your clients.

Here is a little piece from one of our favorite sites - Visit  —>> Future of real estate marketing

With such a large percentage of home owners starting their search for property online, using video in online listings is the first thing that comes to mind. Pictures are nice and descriptions are helpful, but there is no substitute to video for giving a user a firsthand experience of the property with a well-done video home tour. In addition to using video to highlight listings it can also be used to showcase neighborhood attributes and provide a profile of your business and team.

For example if you are a Realtor in the East Bay of California you can use video to highlight the quaint neighborhood of Rockridge and its beloved walking streets lined with local restaurants and shops. This content is 'evergreen' and helps people evaluating your listings get a true sense of the surrounding area.

Is it appropriate for every listing?

I can't think of a listing where it isn't appropriate. Even properties that don't have the most curb appeal can benefit from a video by capturing the attention of just the right buyer. Listings that are moving fast already and perhaps properties that rely less on online research for sales are exceptions to that statement.

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  • Features

    • Full Motion Video Tours
    • Professionally Edited Video
    • Background Music
    • Embed video in Google Maps
    • Text Overlay Of Key Features
    • Professional Voice Over
    • Sketch Rendering
    • Special Effects
    • Logo Watermark
    • Digital Photography
    • Photo Based Video Tours
    • Agent Profile Videos

  • Solutions

    • Residential Real Estate
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Hotels and Inns
    • Vacation Rentals
    • Home Builders

  • "People remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see!"

    "It's no surprise that online video has quickly become a "must have" marketing and communications tool for businesses of all kinds."