Data Entry

keyboard There is nothing more important to any organization than the accurate input of data. Today it seems that more money and effort is spent to verify that data then on the entire process of entering it in the first place.

>> How important is the impact of errors: reprocessing costs, unhappy customers, lost business, etc?

>> How much it costs your organization to detect and correct errors?

As companies rush abroad to cut back-office costs, one fact gets forgotten. Costs of small increases in error rates are enormous and can easily wipe out cost reductions from cheaper labor. A data-entry error in a document such as a loan application may make it impossible to process the document automatically, incorrect loan documents may be created, the end customer may call with complaints, and there might be soft costs as well.

If the data-entry associated with one document costs $1, the downstream costs incurred for one document with a data-entry error can easily add up to $300. This means that an increase in the error rate by just one-tenth of a percentage point will wipe out the benefits of a 30 percentage point reduction in labor costs. The result- quality is 300 times more important than labor costs.

Here at Alpha Data Services we take every measure possible to insure that you are getting the highest quality data.

Starting with the basics.

Staff- Our most important asset. We take pride in our staff and the fact that each one is trained to utilize the tools we have invested in as well as in the specifics of every project we are working on.

Specialized software- We invest in the best software/hardware specifically designed for data entry.
  • Intelligent double-key verify mode with immediate correction capability
  • Extensive field edits
  • Create, update and re-key verify into ISAM files
  • File conversion, reformatting utilities
  • Table look-ups

  • - Sequential files
    - Database tables
  • Look-up with substitution in same and other fields
  • Multi-field look-ups
  • Date validations
  • Compute values and store in other fields
  • Ascendancy checks
  • Auto increment
  • Next field to enter based on field contents
  • Next form (program level) based on field contents
  • Edit masks
  • Compare with other fields
  • Access to other fields for computing/testing
  • Validate postal codes
  • Skip certain fields based on data
  • Check digits
  • - Validation
    - Generation
    - Many different methods
  • Context-sensitive field help messages
  • Duplicate data from any previous field manually or automatically
  • Immediate re-key verification